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Walter Knoll Beijing

Generating cross-cultural dialogue on Braun Design


Walter Knoll

What we did

  • Exhibition curation
  • Exhibition Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Creative programming

The exchange between Western and Eastern design is an exciting dialogue which pushes boundaries for the future of design. Walter Knoll showrooms in Beijing wanted to be part of that conversation and bring it to the fore with an exhibition. 

To meet this brief we curated and designed an exhibition focused on the contemporary Eastern reception of Braun Design. 

We invited 36 progessive South East Asian design agencies to submit poster designs on the legacy of Braun Design. Their responses provided a fascinating snapshot of the region’s take on mid-century German modernism. We then curated original pieces of 1960s Braun Design alongside large scale A0 prints of the posters submitted by the studios. 

We not only curated the subject matter for the event but also created the encompassing exhibition design, printed visitor guide and large scale window vinyl for Walter Knoll’s building, inspired by a map of the region. 

The exhibition maximised press traction by harnessing the networks and social media of the exhibiting studios. Presenting the work from these forward thinking design studios also reinforced, by association, Walter Knoll's positioning as a cutting edge design brand.

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