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Thinking beyond the norm. We challenge category consensus and empower brands, freeing them to communicate with difference and authenticity.



Robust strategic foundations ensures our design works to achieve your objectives. We coordinate uncommon insight with immaculate craft to create singular brand expressions. Our work is stunning and resonant. Always purposeful, often transformative.


Our strategy is an exercise in surfacing truth and pinpointing opportunity. We test category norms. By clearing away the tired and familiar, we create a space to reveal and animate brand truth – positioning brands as category leaders, imparting authenticity to their expression, and forging meaningful connection with their audiences.


We’ll work closely with you to clarify your business’ Why, alongside the How and What that set it apart. Our branding gives visual form to this truth, providing business advantage by authentically articulating the singular and unique. We think of branding as the creation of a world. Every element – graphic, image, video, copy – coheres organically to form a compelling whole.


Digital is key to the creation of holistic brand experiences. Our end-to-end, in-house capabilities, ranging from web design and development to UX, and from App design to content creation, provide consistency of brand expression whilst ensuring that projects with many moving parts are delivered efficiently.

Selected clients


Service partnership

We regard ourselves as partners to the brands with whom we work – attentive and committed to the client's business and our relationship as well as to the output we create together. Equally happy working collaboratively, we are just as invested in a project we contribute to as to one which we lead.

Strategic understanding

For each brief, we work rigorously to understand our client's business, brand and ambition, as well as their audience's needs and desires. This creates a principled strategic foundation for exceptional creative work that advances both business and culture.

Team assembly

Our studio is compact by design, but we augment our core creative and technical team with the trusted expert collaborators needed for each particular brief. From developers to directors, producers to writers, the careful composition of each team relates precisely to what's required.

Principled design

Our intention is always to create improvement through design: better experience, clearer understanding, richer connection, cultural evolution. Rooted in modernist principles but never backward looking; we dispense with the decorative in pursuit of finely balanced form and function.


Our founders are involved in every project and work directly with clients. This approach affords us great flexibility: for each project, we assemble the exact team required, drawing on talented, trusted collaborators from a vast array of disciplines.

Peter Kapos
Partner and Strategic Director

Peter is the mind behind the strategic work we do for Systems Studio's clients. His background in fine art, cultural studies and art history informs how he uncovers unique insights for each and every one of our clients. Alongside his strategic creative direction working closely with the business, Peter writes, curates and teaches. He’s also one of the world's foremost collectors and authorities on the work of iconic designer, Dieter Rams.

Giorgio Del Buono
Partner and Design Director

Giorgio has created much-admired work for culture-based clients and renowned consumer brands: Tate, Design Museum, Herzog & de Meuron, Moleskine and John Lewis. His classical training and passion for the principles of Swiss School design are influences he brings to the table for our clients, creating meticulously considered and finely-crafted solutions time-and-time again. Giorgio’s practice in typography design, commended by the International Society of Typographic Designers, is a rare offering that we’re able to bring to our clients. Utilising his remarkable attentiveness to form and function, he is able to create innovative design answers to every brief.

Michal Polak
Partner and Design Director

Michal’s notable design brings clarity and restraint to the solutions we craft for our clients. His technical and systematically minded approach elevates user experience to an art form. Whether creating wayfinding, typography or interface, Michal draws solutions equally based in logic and intuition to connect with our client audiences. Prior to co-founding Systems Studio, Michal delivered major projects for Tate Modern, Herzog & de Meuron, Zaha Hadid, and Hong Kong's M+ Museum. He is also a musician, photographer, and Systems Studio's resident technophile.



Our studio is an adaptable space where we both create and produce our designs. If your business has a need for high-quality assets to take to execution, we can see them through from concept, to art direction and production. From photoshoots to film shoots, website photography to content creation, our studio is an agile working space that can deliver high-quality imagery and video.

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