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Approach and process

With experience in the fields of graphic, industrial, and digital design, Systems Studio is strengthened by the diverse backgrounds of its members. Our work is underpinned by analysis and discussion. We engage in an open and thorough exchange to ensure that briefs respond fully to our clients’ needs. From that basis, we create identities which communicate across all media through a coherent and unified, yet distinctive, visual language. Our method is characterised by a rigorous and comprehensive attention to detail, which carries over into completed designs at every level. With particular expertise in interface and experience design, Systems Studio deliver connecting experiences for users that surpass client expectations.

Systems Studio is always looking for interesting people to work with, whether as clients or collaborators.


Visual Identity
Digital & Web
Print & Communications
Exhibition & Environment

Development approach

Complementing our design services, Systems Studio’s development arm builds fast, fluid and responsive websites. We build our solutions with the latest technology and programming languages, ensuring they are both lightweight and robust. Whether they are end-users or creative agencies, our clients are people for whom detail and finish matter. Established within a design studio, our development division specialises in the faithful and efficient translation of design to web. In addition to development, we offer a constancy service on the latest design-related characteristics, such as animation, page transition and content optimisation.

Peter Kapos

Peter is a writer, curator and educator. He has a background in fine art and philosophy, and now works largely in the area of design. Recent research projects include The Ulm Model, an exhibition of objects related to the HfG Ulm at Raven Row Gallery, a foreword written for the re-publication of Braun+Design Collection, and the introduction to a forthcoming monograph for Industrial Facility.

Peter is a founding partner of Systems, and the studio’s Creative Director.

Giorgio del Buono

Giorgio’s practice is rooted in the principles of the International Typographic Style. He treats graphic design as a problem of form and function, resolved by meticulous thinking and honed craft. In 2013 Giorgio became a member of ISTD (International Society of Typographic Designers) receiving a commendation award.

As a Designer at Cartlidge Levene 2013 - 2017, Giorgio worked closely with architectural practices Herzog and De Meuron and Sergison Bates, public institutions such as Tate Galleries, The Design Museum and publishers Quarter Verlag and Aperture Foundation.

Giorgio is a designer and founding partner at Systems.

Michal Polak

Inspired by the clarity and rigour of modernist design, Michal’s practice strives for communicative clarity. His method, whilst systematic, is informed by intuition and lateral thought. His particular specialism is user experience, explored in the areas of wayfinding, typography and, web, with emphasis on their narrative dimension.

As a designer at Cartlidge Levene 2013 – 2017, Michal has been involved in delivering major wayfinding projects, including Tate Modern, London Aquatics Centre and M+ museum, Hong Kong. In this connection, he worked closely with architects Herzog & de Meuron and Zaha Hadid.

Michal is a designer and founding partner at Systems.