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Built around landmark examples, this workshop will explore the early history of Braun audio design. It will focus in particular on the idea of systems design. We’ll see how this first appeared in a variety of loosely related forms, following the Braun Company’s contact with the Ulm school of design, and how it was then consolidated and rationalized through the institution of Braun’s internal Design Department in the heroic audio programme of the 1960s.

Throughout the workshop, we’ll examine physical examples of landmark designs, not only as historical reference points but as a concrete basis for understanding key shifts in the uses of material, form and construction. This workshop is intended as an interactive experience, and participants are encouraged to deepen their engagement with this history through the handling of objects and discussion.

Designs available to visitors in this seminar will include: Exporter and Exporter 2 radios / G 11 radio + G 12 record player / SK 5 + SK 6 phonosupers / SK 2 tischsuper / RCS 9 control unit / TP 1 and TP 2 portable record player / T 3 + T 4 pocket radios / L0 1 speaker with stand / Transistor K radio / PCS 4 record player / PCS 45 record player / CSV 10 amplifier / Audio 1 combined system + L 46 speaker + Vitsoe 606 shelving system/ PCS 5 record player + CSV 60 amplifier + CET 15 tuner + electrostatic speakers LE 1 / Wall-mounted system: TS 45 control unit + TG 60 reel to reel + L 450 flat speaker + PS 400 record player / PS 500 record player + CSV 250 amplifier + CSV 250 amplifier / PS 1000 AS record player + CSV 1000 amplifier / T 1000 world receiver.

The seminar is led by Dr Peter Kapos, educator and curator, Director of Das Programm and Creative Director at design studio Systems.

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